ORO ATUA Online Puoro Wananga 2019 - 2021

Online Taonga Puoro course

Wahanga Tuatahi: Nov 2019 - April 2020

Wahanga Tuarua: June 2020 - September 2020

Wahanga Tuatoru : October 2020 - Dec 2020

Wahanga Tuawha : Feb 2021 - June 2021

We have created this wananga to share in the learning of our past 20 years experience doing the mahi with our Taonga Puoro - making ,playing and sharing at home and overseas. Our Wananga Puoro has a high focus on reviving the Tupuna practice of utilising these taonga as healing tools for self for whanau, community and in your own everyday life.

Taonga Puoro have a role in supporting all life from conception to birth, connection to the natural world in life till death. Taonga Puoro has a place for all ages. Recently at a gathering of Taonga Puoro practitioners from around the motu it was discussed and concluded that Taonga Puoro is still in a fragile state. So our Wananga is about revitalisation of our culture, music and healing traditions in a modern time, placing our Puoro back with our people to help us move forward together.

The Wananga is video to Korero based online learning through our private Fb page creating a space to korero, share and tautoko each other in our collective journey. We have created this platform to be practical , simple and empowering. Rather than duplicating my practice this Wananga will be about your own journey and finding your unique pathway connection and practice with your own whanau Puoro collection you will be creating along the way. You need Puoro in your hands  to have the opportunity to practise so we will share how to make and play each instrument along with associated Purakau and whakapapa of each Puoro.

  Our Wananga will cover 34 different Taonga Puoro over a 44 week period and includes these Taonga Puoro :



Karanga manu











Poi Harakeke

Poi Raupo 

Karanga weka







Putorino KakauRua







Hue Puruhau

Hue Raraa

Hue Puruwai

Poi Awhiowhio

Ponga ihu


We will be learning , sharing and developing through this simple process for each Puoro :

Whakapapa Atua - Genealogy of each instrument

Purakau - Tupuna Stories that each instrument hold pertaining to connection with environment and humanity.

Hei Hanga - how to make each instrument 

Whakatangi - how to play each instrument and develop your own unique playing style

Mahi Oro Atua ( Rongoa Puoro) - Ways to utilise Puoro as a healing tool for yourself, whanau ,in the Kainga and in your mahi day to day life.

All learning and korero through private fb whanau group page 

Videos and korero and related links posted weekly

This private group will remain so you can always go back to reference in your own time. 

ORO ATUA for you, We will be sharing regular  Oro Atua Puoro Maori sound healing weekly sessions through the private page as a live for you and your whanau to relax, revive and reboot through the sounds of our Tupuna, Atua and Whenua & Wai ki te Rangi. Great for getting your Tupuna downloads ,replenishing energy levels, clearing and releasing mamae and feeling uplifted.

Me Timata:  To join us and begin click the "Eke Ki Runga" button below and email me directly and let me know Ko Wai KoeNo hea Koe , He aha ai? Who you are, Where are you from and Why you would like to join the Wananga . If you have any further questions sing out and lets korero.

Once all that is shared ,settled and soughted we will add you to the private Whanau page and begin.


Mauri Oro , Mauri Arohaa , Mauri Ora