"Power to the Puoro" experience and schools show

Grammy award winning featured solo artist and International Taonga Puoro artist Jerome Kavanagh (Poutama) Presents :​

An interactive show inspiring our children by celebrating culture, pride and self identity. An experience which is inclusive, created for all and combining the ancient with the modern!

Jerome shares his family collection of around 40 different types of Taonga Puoro ( Ancient Maori musical instruments) using live performance with modern sound technologies while weaving ancient story telling that connects us all with nature. 

The show also includes Taa Moko (Maori tatoo), Waka Haurua (sea voyaging), Maara Kai ( gardens/healthy food technology) and Kaitiakitanga (native forest and bird conservation). Showcasing modern stories of young Maori practitioners sharing their culture globally.









My vision is to inspire our next generation to continue these beautiful gifts our ancestors practiced and to celebrate those people who are strive in a modern world with such arts and practices'. All the kids of Aotearoa jump on the waka and journey together building solid relationships in the spirit of Kotahitanga and identity" JK

Learning and curriculum areas covered in show:

Te Reo & Tikanga Maori, Science and Technology, Music, Dance and Drama, Hauora, Numeracy and Literacy. Show also supports Te Wahriki, Ka Hikitia and Te Marautanga.


What people have felt and said about our show:

"Awe inspiring show celebrating our beautiful culture, captivated not only the kids but teachers and whanau too" Ash Maindonald, Principal, Western heights school, Auckland, NZ

"Brilliant show, thank you so much for coming to Mana College, we all thoroughly enjoyed it" John Murdoch, Principal, Mana College, Wellington, NZ

"Amazing work, you keep inspiring us all" Rhoda Roberts, Director and Head of Indigenous programming, SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, AUSTRALIA

Awesome show,Everyone loved it , thank you so much for coming , it was a real treat for the kids, The Dalton school, NEW YORK, USA

Interactive show includes:

Taonga Puoro - Traditional Maori musical instruments will be the backbone of the show, soundtracking the journey from the old to the new ,mixing the most current music technologies with the ancient sound of Jeromes Taonga Puoro collection of over 40 different instruments. Jerome creates an orchestra of natural sound to reflect the forest, mountains and sea to the people.Jerome will also share stories of old and new relating to the voices of the elements and our natural world. 

Waka Haurua - We look at the amazing traditional navigation of our Polynesian ancestors and showcase young practitioners of this almost lost art of Navigating through the knowledge of the stars, currents and winds in 2017. 

Taa Moko - Learn about the origins of Ta Moko through the story of Ruaumoko, Niwareka and Mataora.We follow the story of International Female Taa Moko artist Taryn Beri and her experiences traveling the world sharing Taa Moko from Aotearoa to the world. 

Taonga Takaro - Our ancestors celebrated Matariki by gathering together and competing in games under the spirit of Rehia , fun and togetherness through movement and song. The audience will learn a few useful and fun traditional games to take with them back to class to enhance learning and physical skill. 

Maara Kai- We look at Food and gardening in traditional times and show case organic kai Cafe owner Jade Tempara at Kakano cafe Christchurch. Jade was also NZ Gardener of the Year and has created waves internationally in her passion of growing healthy kai from heritage seeds passed down from her ancestors.

Kaitiakitanga - Our ancestors were the ultimate conservationists in all aspects of life. We look at the custodian of Makokomiko Rahui , an independent Native bird sanctuary in the Rangitikei. Joshua Kavanagh and his young family are out there every spare minute protecting there native bush reserve and the beautiful birds, insects and plant life that inhabit this sanctuary.

Dates: Bookings available for October 2018 Aotearoa, New Zealand  

Duration: 1 hour 
Unlimited numbers - all tamariki, whanau and community are welcome to experience the show together.
Cost: $4 dollars per student plus GST ( minimum cost of 130 students) whanau and community free. 

Please contact Jerome directly for bookings : jeromekav@gmail.com