Taonga Puoro - The voice of the elements
(Ancient Maori musical instruments) 


An interactive experience where participants will connect through the power of music to themselves and our natural environment.


Hear and see our collection of over 40 individual and diverse Taonga Puoro instruments played by Jerome, from the Nguru: whales tooth nose flute, Porutu Pounamu (Greenstone long flute), Putaatara shell trumpets to the majestic Koauau Toroa - The Royal Albatross wing bone flute.

Share in the sounds and stories of these ancient instruments gifted by our ancestors to these lands, including a ‘sing-a-long’ experience for your school and community to create a magical atmosphere and unforgettable learning experience for all.


Students will also get to touch and explore the collection, the textures of patterned carvings and symbols. Jeromes personal collection of Taonga Puoro has been passed down and carved by himself and many other master-carvers.



Ukutangi making and playing workshop


Students will have the opportunity to make their own putangitangi with clay, and etching patterns on to the clay. Students will also learn basic techniques to playing a putangitangi and koauau.



Haka Workshop


To ignite the fire within – The Haka workshop is designed to unite and strengthen groups and instil pride and respect in the form of this ancient dance of posture and vigour.

Participants will have a unique opportunity co-create an original Haka for your school with Jeromes guidance. Exploring the core values of the identity, family, school, community and connection to environment. Participants will create words to reflect these values and similarly actions to enhance the meaning.



Waiata ma te katoa: Create a song 


Students will write and record a song for your school. A journey and process of finding inspiration through: Culture, identity, environment and community spirit.


Participants will create lyrics based on what inspires them. With lyrics co created with Jerome, participants will then be guided to a point of being able to sing and record their song onsite for your schools use. 


Taonga puoro for the whanau and community 


Aimed at family and community Jerome shares his collection of Taonga puoro, the sounds and stories to create an unforgettable experience for all ages. A great way for the family and community to spend time together learning about these ancient treasures handed down. Participants will create a Koauau/Porotiti and learn to play with a vision to use their Koauau/Porotiti in song for health, family gatherings, tangihanga and celebrations of life.


Enquire about our other workshops including Ancient Maori games, Ki o Rahi, Adult and community sessions plus Teachers P.D workshops.

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"Taonga Puoro" and "Ukutangi making and playing" workshops 
Create your own school "Haka workshop"
Teacher P.D Workshops - often described as "Practical, inclusive, fun and non-threatening"